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What is a Ghost?

Ghost in many cultures is seen as a scary thing or some living being coming back to this world with their spiritual form, with their souls or something that allow us to see or sense their presence.  That is not enough to explain what a ghost is for the you, right? You surely wanted a more precise and solid answer, you wanted an explanation and that is why you are here now. The exorcist is suppose to help people to deal with ghost related problems, how will he not know about what a ghost is?  I am sure you all wanted to know and so here let me the exorcist tell you about the theory behind a ghost.

cycle of life First, I would appreciate if you can first finish off our juicy article on "Cycle of Life (Reincarnation) souls and spirits". There is a lot of juicy information there that you need to know to understand what I am going to talk about here. If you did not read this article, you will be totally lost here with the professional terminology below. If you got that article checked off the list, then let's proceed to the following juicy article!

There are a lot of different kinds of ghost which human can encounter. Some tell you that a ghost is just a black smoke, some say they are like a transparent human floating around, some say they are just like the real person but they are like a transparent image in the air and they don't do anything but stand there or repeatedly doing something they do before they die. Yes these are all true but it is confusing for people to understand why there are so many different ways that a ghost can appear to us.  Now that is because you lack the theoretic knowledge behind and so that is what you are about to know right now that turns you into a pro from an outsider of the ghost talk. You found the right place, this website is where you can find the true answer that you all have been searching for.

death and coffin 
When a person dies, their seven spirits will die out one by one like how electricity cuts and the light bulbs starts to dim and dies out. On day one, the first spirit dies and so you are left with 6/7 spirit energy in the body and hence your soul-celestial left right away because there is not enough energy to make it stay. The soul-celestial is concealed and not growing in your lifetime and so it is small, light and weak. This soul then departs the body and float up the sky, out the atmosphere and off it goes into the outer space and return to the pool of energy in nature, the cosmic energy pool. 

Now on day one, the soul-mental also left the body slowly as well.  The soul-mental is very important in our life since it is suppose to be controlling our feelings, emotions, thinking logic and all that stuff which life is pretty much about. Now this soul will be much heavier, stronger and bigger. The soul-mental doesn't float like how the soul-celestial was. Instead, it will sink and be pulled down to the center of the earth by gravity. This soul-mental then departs the body and keep sinking down to the underground. During this stage the soul is totally blacked out and unconscious as well.

So on day one, what's left is the soul-physical only that stayed around the corpse because there are 6/7 of your spirits that are still there to hold on to this last soul you got. Therefor, if say you were dead in a car accident, then people saw your ghost by chance, it would be a ghost that will appear to be looking like you, but a more transparent you.  This ghost doesn't have any feelings, emotions or even respond. It will be like a robot or just an image that doesn't move much. It can also be like a robot doing some movements over and over again as well. This is a type of ghost that people can see.

Now in seven days, the spirits are dying out one by one and the more it dies, the further the soul-mental will be pulled down to the ground due to less force is attracting it to the surface above ground level. For example, on day two, you still have 5/7 spirits and so the soul-mental will go only down to a certain level and stop because some tiny force is still making it hanging there. If the next day another 1/7 of spirits is gone, then the soul-mental will sink down another notch. After 7 days, the soul-mental will not be attached to any form of energy and more and it will be freely sinking down to the center of earth. If someone can claim to see a ghost at someone's grave, that is surely a problem there that doesn't allow the ghost to cycle properly. Something's not alright.

At the same time though, when all 7 spirits are dead and gone, the soul-physical also doesn't allow to stay beside the corpse anymore. There is not more energy that force the soul-physical to stay and so he will have to leave. During this time, the soul-physical will depart the body leave. This soul is very heavy and strong a well and so it will sink down into the ground and not float up and go into outer space. During this time, the soul-physical will be like a magnet with the soul-mental and they will attract each others again to combine into one. Now it depends which soul is stronger then it will pull one way or the other.

sportive spiritFor example, if you are a more physical and into sport or body building, of course your soul-physical is stronger and so it will be your soul-mental that gets pulled upward instead.  If you were the thinker type, then it will go the other way around.  No matter how your two souls are like, they will for sure combine together and become the dual-souls being. This dual-souls being will then be automatically going into another realm because it doesn't belong to this world we live in. Where does it go?  They go to the gap between the yin and yang realm.  We had already talked about this in the previous article and so here I will stop with the explanation. Basically that is how things work and you now know that they are going to be reborn into a new life in the yin realm and were not a ghost in hell - plus there is no hell.  Okay, so what about the other types of ghost?

buddhist monk in thailandBeside the natural path, there are many accidents that can happen which then allow many other kinds of ghosts to exist. For example, some Buddhist monks in Thailand love to do evil magic and capture the baby ghost's souls into a jar or something to enslave them and train them to be their ghost servants as well. This is possible and so if they did that, then it will be the soul-physical and soul-mental being captured and so these dual-soul beings will now be not going to that gap between the yin and yang realm but staying in our world instead. If these types of ghost are seen or encountered, they can appear like a human being in the air to you with semi-transparent form. Or they can be all invisible but just give you a sense of their presence or you could be hearing their voices in the head and so on.

Soul people worship evils when they are alive and think these are Gods and Godness. What happens is that they will be very much likely be eaten up when they die. Their soul-physical will be the first to be the evil's dinner or lunch. For example, the religion of Mazu's belief in Taiwan is a nice example. They worship something that was made up and call that a God. Yes, it is okay to do when you are alive, but it doesn't mean that you don't suffer from the consequences afterward as well.  That evil thing you worshiped all life long won't let you go when you die. Your soul-physical will be eaten up and they so once your soul-physical is in the evil's tummy, they will also be able to pull up your soul-mental and eat it up as well. Some got lucky and the soul-mental will be just lost and so these soul-mental ghosts will float around in our world and stay in the underground level. Sometimes when people do stupid things like worshiping an altar wrongly, or they are doing ghost summoning rituals, these ghosts with only the soul-mental will be pulled up and so there goes the soul with no physical form or appearance. These ghosts can think, respond to you, have emotions, but they don't have an appearance at all. Most of the time if you even see them, they are like shadows, or fog like, cloud like form.  People usually say they saw a black shadow or a grey shadow around and this is exactly why they are seeing. A mono-soul being ghost.

When the mono-ghost were seen by human, they usually are very evil too because they must be very evil minded when they are alive since they worship the evil Gods. There is no exception and there is no accident that can happen. If you are innocent and clean, you won't be into those evil Gods path.  You could be attracted to become an atheist instead. There are many choices in life to choose from. Even your parents force you to do so, many had gotten rid of these traditions because they simply don't want to be in it as well. So again, no excuse.
ghost in the mindStupidity and lack of wisdom that makes people follow their parents' wrong tradition is not an excuse as well because your mind is what tells you what not to believe. If your mind is okay with that evil traditions then you are meant to suffer by your own actions anyway. So these ghosts with only the soul-mental will go evil as well and once you summon them around, their greediness in the mind will make them want to possess you and get your body so they can come to life again. This is for sure going to work the same way all the time, no exception here. So if you encounter these kinds of ghost, we must nuke them with exorcism magic and not tolerate them in the world, doing evil things to harm people.

Now what happen to the yin realm beings? What about them coming back to our world?  No you can't come back from that world at all. Did you ever hear a human being can travel to the yin realm for a vacation? No you can't.  Unless these yin realm beings are very evil minded and they used magic in their world to cross the border and come over to this world to cause troubles. If they ever did, then it would be their dual-soul form that will travel over instead. These ghosts must also be killed if seen by the exorcist because they came on purpose and they broke the law of nature to cause troubles over in this world. If you let them go, they will for sure be harming or doing prank on other people in this world instead. So as an exorcist, we must not tolerate any of these hanging around to harm people on earth. They are not meant to be here. To the yin realm beings, coming into this realm is their death anyway, why do they want to come?  Well, if they really want to die faster, then we will give it to them. Just because they are curious doesn't mean it is alright to do. If we are curious about how robbing a bank feels like, does it mean you can go rob a bank and say sorry afterward? I don't think so.

ghost see peopleGhosts usually doesn't see our world and even us in the physical form as well. They usually see us as a foggy smudgy form of light and energy. That is because they don't have eyes and so they can only be sensing us with our energy and brain waves.  They don't talk and hear as well because they have no mouth or ears and so they communicate with us only by the thoughts, which is the brain waves.  That is why when the french speaking people encounter a ghost, they are all speaking french in their mind.  When the Chinese people encounter a ghost, they all speak Chinese in their mind as well. Why so?  Because they don't communicate with a language. They communicate with you by thought and your brain will translate all that thought into the native language you speak.

The ghosts are no good to hang around with though. Don't even try to make friends with them. The ghost's energy is on the yin (negative) side and they are harmful for us. If you stay around a ghost, their energy will drain your seven spirits out and so you will get bad luck, sick and even can die from it as well.  Ghost and human shall not be in the same realm. If you encounter a ghost, remember to get an exorcist like me here. Don't try to negotiate or talk to them because they just always lie. They know you cannot see them or catch them and so they will lie to you and fool you around for sure. Even you find out they lie to you, they know you cannot chase them back anyway. The mind of ghost knows they don't have to be responsible for their own actions even they fool you around or do pranks on you and so they will love to do dirty tricks on people as well. Don't play with them, don't talk to them. Get the exorcist Mak Jo Si to deal with them and bring them to justice. There is nothing such as a "good ghost".

If any of your questions in the mind were not answered, or you simply wanted to know more, e-mail Mak Jo Si about it and we might post another article up in the future that talks about what you wanted to know about!
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