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Mak Jo Si
Mak Jo Si is a Taoist master and Taoist exorcist who worked in the field of exorcism since 1996 by using Taoism magic to help people exorcise evil spirits, ghosts, curses, black magic and so on.
He is a master with the genuine Taoism magic power that works and "Best of the best in exorcism" is his students and clients all agreed as a line that describe him well. He created this site to share his experience and knowledge in his life of an exorcist.
This website also serves as a door for those who need help with spiritual problems, ghost problems and those being cursed or attacked by evil magic (black magic) to get their problem solved.
With great passion, Mak Jo Si continue to surprise the world with more and more rare knowledge and this is what this website is all about!

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What is Exorcism?

General definition of "Exorcism"

Exorcism is to remove ghost, evil spirits, evils or even curses and magic from one's body, surrounding, place, or thing. Usually the victim who needs exorcism is bothered by the evils and experienced different negative happenings that could happen in the physical or mental form. After the exorcism, if effective, the problems should be gone and that draws the conclusion of the exorcism being completed. Welcome into the door of exorcism, you are about to know about the real deal exorcism now. Welcome in!
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Different kinds of exorcism

The western way of exorcism

Usually when it comes to searching around for "Exorcism" or "The Exorcist", you will come across the movies and western belief of Catholic and Christianity. Most of the time when exorcism was needed is when the patient is being possessed or as they said to be taken over by the evil spirits and so they need to do an exorcism to kick out the evil spirits.

The catholic based exorcism is mostly done by the priest or the exorcist who also uses the bible or words of God as saying they quote in the bible's prayer and chant them to suppress the evils or demons. These rituals are done mostly with a group of people or a massive amount of believers together as a team. In Christianity, it is often done in a circle of prayers with the patient in the center of the circle. This is a very strong influence from the witchcraft and Wicca rituals as well which they use circles and different shapes to form a formation to do their magic.
catholic churches These exorcism in the west is often not effective and efficient because first they would need to gather up a bunch of people before they can help the patient. Second is that usually the case will end up in more aftermath and so the problem will often just only get suppressed or they transform into more subtle problems instead.  The process is also not safe at all because you can clearly see that their power is not even enough to suppress the evil spirit who is possessed in the human's body. They have to chant and chant but the evil can still react violently. This is ridiculous and not working at all. If the power is strong, why could they even react violently? That doesn't make sense. It's like shooting a burglar with an Airsoft gun. If you had the firearm in hand, a nice shot would have them down the ground at first place. Who can still jump and dance around?

Now after reading about what you all commonly used to see, let's take a look at what the Eastern exorcism is like!

The eastern way of exorcism

Exorcism in the east is only referring to Taoism and only Taoism. Buddhism is strongly influencing the Chinese culture and religion but then it doesn't even get into the field of exorcism at all. Therefore, only Taoism will be the one who has this professional subject in their system. Now let me give you some history background. In 34-156 AD, the first person on planet earth who was named Jeung Dao Ling, had officially named the religion of Taoism and that is the first starting point of Taoism the religion.  What is he famous for and what is Taoism officially?

Jeung Dao Ling the first celestial master is famous for one thing you all came here to read about - "Exorcism". He told the people that he was taught and inherited the magical methods from an old man in the cave and therefore he cultivated it and later open a temple to help the public to cure sickness, weird diseases and so on by doing exorcism magic for them.  There were a lot of people suffering from many problems such as mental illness, illusions, hearing voices in the head, seeing ghosts, etc..  back then and could not get any help at all. No doctors can cure these sickness and so Taoism was the life saver back then that had saved many lives. This is why Taoism got famous.  Truly powerful and effective magic that can save people from dangerous situations and exorcise evils out of the house, body or thing with ease.

Exorcism in Taoism is not like how it is in the west. We do not pray to God or deities, we do not chant in groups, we do not do sacrifices or negotiations with the evils at all. The magic we do in Taoism is powerful and effective, which can often by just done by one person (the exorcist) to solve the problem quickly. Most of the time, students who learn Taoism magic can also perform exorcism with ease as well. These are like basic self-defense techniques for the students and they can solve these spiritual and ghost related problems on their own as well.

The methods of exorcism in Taoism are often done in many ways or in combinations of many techniques such as spells, hand signs, stepping magic, magical tools, Taoism FU (talisman) etc.. There are quick ways to exorcise evils from the beginning stage or to bust weaker evils with ease. When it comes to stubborn and aggressive ones, we also have magic that can nuke them as well. 

Basically, exorcism in Taoism is a big subject, a study and a system of knowledge. From learning how to diagnose problems, seeing symptoms, doing magic and to how to check up on the problems to see if anything is left. You can compare this to learning how to be a doctor, a surgeon, a dentist, a chiropractor and all that other specialist all together. Now you see how massive exorcism is in Taoism as a professional subject to study.

We will explain more about exorcism later on in Taoism perspective and you will learn a lot more about the real deal exorcism that works. Finally you will find a path that makes sense and can explain everything to you in a systematic way. Stay tune for more articles!

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