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Mak Jo Si is a Taoist master and Taoist exorcist who worked in the field of exorcism since 1996 by using Taoism magic to help people exorcise evil spirits, ghosts, curses, black magic and so on.
He is a master with the genuine Taoism magic power that works and "Best of the best in exorcism" is his students and clients all agreed as a line that describe him well. He created this site to share his experience and knowledge in his life of an exorcist.
This website also serves as a door for those who need help with spiritual problems, ghost problems and those being cursed or attacked by evil magic (black magic) to get their problem solved.
With great passion, Mak Jo Si continue to surprise the world with more and more rare knowledge and this is what this website is all about!

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Signs of when a ghost is around
ghostFrom my many years of being a Taoist master and the exorcist dealing with ghosts, here I will share you some very common symptoms or signs that people get when they have a ghost or a bunch of ghost around, which I call it "haunted". It could be something worse than a ghost too, like some kind of evil spirits that were trained to curse and do harm to people. Most people don't even have a clue of this at all and so they just think it is a ghost instead.

Feeling cold or chill breeze

Sometimes a person feels a chill or a cold breeze to "through" them and it gave them goosebumps, later on they felt kind of unpleasant and sort of worrying or even scared. This is the sign of a ghost is around and also the energy of the ghost is already attacking you meaning they want to nuke you and take your body away. Beware, this is a very common first signal and it can lead to many more things.

Seeing shadows around

Some will see black figures or shadows or something weird just quickly pass by their corner of their eyes and then next they will feel discomfort or mentally under pressure or stress or maybe even worried and scared inside. This is a symptom you get when a ghost came and wanted to follow you. This can happen after 2-3 days of the ghost arrival. If you saw it, you probably already got drained up a bit by the ghost already or else you won't see it.

Scary visuals pop up when you close your eyes

When you close your eyes, you kept on seeing the same visual that makes you freak out and scared. Could be a dead person, a scary looking ghost, whatever. You just cannot get it out of your mind. This can happen when a ghost is around you for a long time and it just tries to possess you over and over again but they failed to do so. As a result, your energy will get attacked and drained and you got part of their energy as well which gave you the visuals.

Feeling cold all the time plus worried

You just sit in a warm place and you feel cold, thrilling and worried all the time. You might even feel somebody is watching or they are around. This is another sign of a BUNCH of ghost is at your place, which made the "yin" energy level rise and result in coldness.

Hearing voices in the mind

Hearing voices that talk to you in the mind, calling your names, or just giving you tons of yes and no, or non-stop commenting on what you are doing. This is a signal of the ghost semi-possessed you and it can also happen when one cast a sorcery on you with brainwashing magic as well. Read our "Hearing voices in the mind" post and you will see a story on it as well! Very scary experience.
Wanting to suicide

All of a sudden you wanted to die or you want to suicide. This is weird and there is no reason for it, you just visualize yourself walking out the balcony and jump off the roof. You just visualized yourself crashing your car while driving. You just wanted to die, but no reason. This is a sign of the ghost is already semi-possessed on you and they want you to die so they can take your body away and call it their own! A person had jumped off the roof like that just because they was haunted this way.

Wanting to eat veggie all of a sudden

Some kids just all of a sudden woke up and wanted to eat veggie and go vegetarian diet for the rest of the life. Or they just cannot consume meat anymore. Whenever they do so, it will make them puke. This is a sign of the ghost is already 70% possessed and so the body of the person is weaker and it messed up their mind and digestive system already. It can be cured by exorcism (Taoism exorcism) and they will be able to eat meat again for sure. I had cured people with this problem and so I know how it works.
Sleep paralyzing

Sleeping is good but then some experience what we call sleep paralyzing is totally not having a good time. There are two types of sleep paralyze. One is a normal one that happen because your body is weak or malfunctioning and so your brain woke up and your body did not wake up yet. Which is normal, give it some time and you will be able to move. Work out more and you will see improvements. The other type is a ghost possession or haunt thing. You will feel that you are pinned down, suffocating, harassed or even worse is you will see the ghost on top of you and doing whatever things. This is the one that you should know and beware of. The one sign that confirms it is real is that you felt cold and scared after you can move again.

Always feel something is there

You always felt something was there, something is around, somebody is following you at the back. This is also a very common thing that happens in the early stage of being haunted. Ghosts are following you around to try and influence your energy field, to weaken it, and to drain it out, so they can enter your body with ease.

Everything is bad luck

Everything you do doesn't work out, you feel the worst luck ever, nothing is smooth, nothing works, nothing goes well. Even you sign up for an account for some websites, it hangs again and again! Hahaha! Well this can happen if you have been followed by a ghost for a long time. Their energy influenced yours and made it weaker and tainted, so you will experience tons of bad luck, obstacles and so on. Nothing runs smooth and your health is also decreasing.
What is a Ghost?

A ghost is a dual-soul form being that we Taoist refers to. It should be having a soul-mental and a soul-physical but then it doesn't live in our realm, and so it doesn't share any common matter with us as well. They don't see us and we don't see them, our world never cross. Why we see some of them is because they are bad and they did things to break the rule, or to outlaw nature and come cause troubles. There is no accident and there is no coincident too. They love to lie and so please do be silly enough to ask them for answers. They will only lie to you again and again to fool your mind. Don't give in. If you wish to understand more about ghost, you can read "What is a Ghost" and know about the professional definition as well.

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