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Mak Jo Si is a Taoist master and Taoist exorcist who worked in the field of exorcism since 1996 by using Taoism magic to help people exorcise evil spirits, ghosts, curses, black magic and so on.
He is a master with the genuine Taoism magic power that works and "Best of the best in exorcism" is his students and clients all agreed as a line that describe him well. He created this site to share his experience and knowledge in his life of an exorcist.
This website also serves as a door for those who need help with spiritual problems, ghost problems and those being cursed or attacked by evil magic (black magic) to get their problem solved.
With great passion, Mak Jo Si continue to surprise the world with more and more rare knowledge and this is what this website is all about!

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A scary story of "Ghost Rape"

scream of ghostHere is a true ghost story from the exorcist master which you will never want to miss out if you are searching for a scary story to read.

One of my client Eric, who is a strong build 30 years old man when he met me a few years ago. He was searching online for help and someone referred him over to me and that is how we were connected. Here you are about to hear this crazy experience he had with the scary ghost or even evil spirit. Be prepared, turn your lights on in case you freak yourself out too much.

Okay, here we go...

The story starts with Eric's brother, Tom, who is a few years older than him and super addicted to Buddhism. He is addicted to Buddhism and Tibetan Buddhism to the point that he cannot stop buying those statues and paintings. The whole house they live in were filled with Buddhist statues, paintings, drawings, whatever you can name. Of course, he prays and chant all the time just like any Buddhist and he is extremely addicted to it as well. The problem is, he doesn't know what he is doing and he just follows these books and stuff blindly. So the more he do those chants and praying, the more "things' were attracted to the place. Of course, he did not realize it yet because it wasn't mainly him the one that suffer the most at first.

Eric was the main victim. He lives with his brother and is extremely good to his brother and so he tolerated all that practice his brother is doing and let him do it all the time. The problem comes when it gets too overwhelming. Eric started to feel some strange things happening to him...

During one night when Eric is about to sleep, he was laying on the bed and somehow the air feels colder than normal and he just don't feel right. He looked around and it seems normal except the lighting seems a bit dimmer that night. He went off to sleep and the moment he closed his eyes, a scary woman with wild makeup and scary messy hair appeared in his mind! He was shocked and opened his eyes immediately. After this image was gone, he saw the air was foggy and mist in the dark. Then some kind of semi-transparent energy flow was travelling in the air and he started to see some green laser like things webbing around the ceiling as well. He thought it was just some energy or something and so he decided to wait and see what can happen. After the moment he decided to close his eyes again, a woman's voice hummed in his ears and he felt wind blown into his left ear as well! Wow! That was scary! He then saw a woman, greenish and semi-transparent appeared to be on top of him like she is sitting on him with very little clothing, very scary....!

Now this is not the "good" type of scary. Eric was totally shocked and he cannot move or even almost run out of breath! He decided to struggle but he can't move. He tried to scream but there is no sound from his mouth. He tried to call a god or whatever to help but nothing happen. What can he do!? Basically he closed his eyes and he felt the woman there just went ahead and "enjoyed" him. Yes, he felt he was like a slave of the lady and he actually did get badly harassed as well and after that the woman still wanted more and she did it more than three times and left, or disappeared. Eric was totally not having fun at all. He felt he had been raped, enslaved and he is doomed if this lady came back again! What the beep is this?!

Eric thought it was over and he thought "oh no, I am game over this time.". Oh no, really? Not yet. It was not the end - the same thing happened over 30 times in a month, can you believe it? He was non-stop searching for help online but nothing and nobody can help. Basically he felt so hopeless and he even thought of just suicide and leave the world too. He doesn't know how to explain it to the relatives or even friends. It sounds cool to have a spiritual sex partner, but it is definitely not cool when you are the victim! Eric's health was drained and completely sucked out by this evil thing and he started to have heart problems, pain and aches all over the body, feeling numb all the time, feeling cold all the time, depression, mental struggle, and even many other problems.

After that one month of torture, he found me and he came over for a chat. The first thing I saw is his body is all covered up with a coat of greenish evil energy. I saw it and knew what is going on. It was not only a ghost, but what we call a "Yiu" instead which is a highly cultivated spirit which love to drain up people's energy for their own sake of joy. I had removed that energy with Taoism exorcism magic and gave him the protection power. When he went back home that night, everything seems very normal again but then he just sensed it after a night or two with peace...It's back! Oops! It was actually not a "coincident"! What happened later was that Eric came back for my help and I finally have to calculate and see what is the cause of the problem here in order to permanently remove the evil thing. Turn out it was an evil spirit summoned by his nice Buddhist brother to "test" the magic on Eric! Awww! How evil!

The main purpose of the magic was to have the evil spirit to suck and drain up all of Eric's energy and then give it to Tom (the brother) and so that act more like a luck booster for him, eating up people's energy like that. This is just unacceptable! I had warned Eric that if I have to fix the problem, I got to backfire it back on Tom so that he can ultimately stop. Eric agreed and so we got into battle mode again and used our Taoism exorcism magic to backfire the curse and sorcery back onto his brother Tom.

That night Eric went home and sense the most peaceful feeling ever at home, it was not cold, not freaky, not dark, not like before! After 2 days, Eric gave me a phone call again.

"Oh my gosh! My brother is in the hospital now because all of a sudden his leg cannot move and his eyes cannot see!"

Great, backfiring successful! It is brutal and crucial but then who tell you to do evil magic on people and expect yourself to be well off later on? With a Taoism exorcist like me around, this cannot be tolerated. The backfired definitely taught him a lesson and from then on, Eric never have any problem with the ghost rape thing anymore. It was done, finished and gone.

After 3 years, the most updated news from Eric was that the brother Tom cannot drive anymore, he is mainly lying on the sofa all day long, getting very fat, chubby, unmotivated to move, crappy, moody, and his leg can't move much, vision is weak and very weak to the point he was proven to be legally blind as well. The situation did not change no matter how much he prays to Buddha, or the sky, or whatever. Basically that is the consequences of doing bad evil magic on people. You might sort of feel cool to harm people once or twice and think your magic works, but when you encounter a professional exorcist like me then you are doomed. When magic got backfired, the consequences are much bigger and much more deadly as well. What a nice experience here, proven to Eric that his brother is really not that "loving" to him. The exorcism experience also taught Eric what real exorcism is like in Taoism.

You don't need a bunch of people to pray or chant, basically we are working just by ourselves and do the exorcism ceremony. It's like a battle, and so it can be as deadly as you can imagine. Exorcism is not a joke or a belief. When you got a chance in life that you encountered these things, you will not want to say it is an "imaginary" thing.
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